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How to place an order

To place orders with the Thread Shed simply follow these three simple steps. Alternatively you can contact us by phone or email on our contact us page on this website.

1.    On the left hand side of the website there is a menu called catalogues or alternatively a link on the top of the page called catalogues. Click on each link to search through the catalogues from our suppliers.

Each supplier has a variety of different products including but not limited to, work-wear, head-wear or casual /sports-wear for your embroidery. NOTE: Remember to write down the suppliers’ name (for example DNC Workwear) and product code which will be provided on the website at which you select your products. You will need to provide this information on our orders page.

2.    After you have selected the products you wish to purchase for embroidery simply fill out our order form on the orders page.

3.    Upload your artwork on our orders page and you're done.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding the process or simply place an order with us over the phone.

The Thread Shed Team



Ordering is Easy